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Baby Growth & Development

At birth, your baby is capable of impressive reflexes, controlled by the oldest part of the brain. When he closes his fingers on one of yours, the newborn holds on so tightly that it is possible to lift him. Another “primitive” reflex is “automatic walking. Within a few weeks, these primitive motor skills will have completely disappeared, to be replaced by acquired skills: raising his neck, rolling on the floor, going from his back to his belly, getting up on his arms, sitting down, crawling, and then walking on all fours before taking his first steps, often around his first birthday. Discover different activities to promote your baby’s psychomotor development.

  • Washing a baby’s little bottom, which is more simple than a routine operation, is a time for sharing. Here is a reminder of the proper gestures to be carried out in the correct order.

  • At five years old, your toddler still wets his sheets? Don’t worry; the nocturnal accidents disappear by themselves in the majority of the cases: definition, causes, and treatments of the enuresis. We’ll tell you everything.

  • Baby and the potty

    by Content Editor

    All childcare professionals will tell you that taming the potty and going without diapers is first and foremost a matter for the baby. And it rarely “works” before the age of two. However, parents have their role to play. Although they should never force their little one, their presence and help are essential to acquiring cleanliness.

  • Taking off the diapers, going potty, being potty trained. Since the baby was born, we know that we will have to help him or her through this stage. As trivial as it is, it sometimes leaves us helpless. Here are a few tips to help you get through it.

  • With the temperatures rising and the school year approaching, we would like to take advantage of the summer holidays to help our child go without diapers. How do we go about it? How do I know if my child is ready for the potty? Find out your parents’ questions and the experts’ answers.

  • Your baby is developing at a spectacular rate, especially in the first year! What growth benchmarks can you trust to ensure that it grows well? And when it comes to dressing, how can you follow the movement and decipher the labels on your clothes?

  • All parents look forward to their child’s first steps. Will they walk “early”? Walk “late”? Not before ten months, in any case, because it would be physiologically impossible. We take stock of the motor progress of babies between 0 and 6 years.

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