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Potty Training: Encourage Your Child

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Potty Training encourage Your Child

For some babies, potty training can take a long time. But keep in mind that it’s important to support your little one. Our advice.

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In the beginning, accidents can be frequent. He is playing and doesn’t think to stop; he forgets that this strange sensation he feels is the signal to go to the potty, or he simply doesn’t arrive in time. In the beginning, the child often asks for the potty when he has already started to relieve himself. In any case, you need to be patient and encourage him. Let him know that you know he didn’t do it on purpose. Renew your confidence in him and help him to keep his confidence. Also, be aware that potty training is not a one-time event. A child can relapse even after a few days of complete control. Just as a child who starts to walk falls from time to time, a child who begins to be potty trained can forget himself. It is important not to get angry – who would argue with a child who falls? -But you should comfort and encourage them. You must also be attentive to the message that a child may want to send: the birth of a little brother, the absence of a parent, the return from vacation are all occasions for him to ask for a little more attention, and he may use this means to do so! Emphasize his successes and invite him to “fix it”: let him undress and give him clean clothes to put on.

Don’t applaud your child every time he goes potty

Let’s face it; moms are often more stressed about potty training than their kids. The temptation is great, at the slightest success, to make a fuss. It’s best to avoid this! The child will quickly see what is at stake for you and may be tempted to play a little! A moderate but encouraging attitude is what will best help him/her to get through the process. In the same way, your reactions must show him that peeing or pooping in the potty is not a miracle but a natural and straightforward daily gesture. You must also put words to this act and explain precisely what it is for and why we have to do it: when we eat, the body keeps everything it needs to live and be healthy, and rejects what it does not need in the urine and stools.

Promote potty training

In the family, at the nursery or among friends, your child is in contact with children his own age who may be more advanced than him. Don’t hesitate to promote potty training without putting them down. Show him all the advantages of not having diapers and explain what it will bring him. Positive reinforcement will definitely make him want to start.


If you’ve decided that your child is ready to be out of diapers, the goal of potty training is to teach them how to recognize the sensations in their bodies that indicate the need to use the potty.

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