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A serene arrival at the maternity hospital

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A serene arrival at the maternity hospital

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The birth has well and truly begun; it is time to leave. You know who should accompany you (the future father, a friend, your mother) and who will be available immediately to take care of your children if you already have some. The phone numbers of the people to be reached are noted near the device; the mobile phones are charged.


Take advantage of your last moments at home to relax as much as possible. If your water has not yet broken, take a hot bath, for example! It will relieve your contractions and relax you. Then listen to soft music, practice the breathing exercises you’ve learned, watch a DVD one-on-one with the father-to-be (yes, when you get back, there will be three of you!). The goal is to arrive at the maternity ward feeling serene. But don’t wait too long either. Are you feeling a little hungry? Even though you’ll need your strength in the next few hours, it’s best to settle for a cup of tea or sweet herbal tea. It is sometimes preferable to remain on an empty stomach, as the epidural can cause nausea or vomiting. You will also be less embarrassed with empty intestines at the time of childbirth.

Check your suitcase

Before leaving for the maternity ward, take the time to look through your suitcase to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. Of course, the father can bring back things for you during your stay, but make sure you take the things you’ll need quickly: a spray bottle, baby’s first pajamas, a comfortable outfit for you, sanitary towels, etc. Don’t forget your pregnancy follow-up file with all the tests you have had.

On the way to motherhood!

Of course, the father-to-be had better know the route from home to the maternity ward by heart. You’ll have more to do than play co-pilot! Make sure he also thinks about filling up his car with gas as the birth approaches so that you don’t run out of gas. Otherwise, everything should go well. If you can’t find anyone to drive you to the maternity hospital, you can take advantage of a VSL (light medical vehicle) or a taxi approved by Health Insurance. This medical trip, prescribed by your doctor, will be fully reimbursed. If you choose to call a taxi yourself on the day, it will not be covered. In any case, you should know that drivers often refuse to let a woman about to give birth into their car. In any case, do not go to the maternity hospital alone by car. Only call the fire brigade or the ambulance in case of extreme emergency if you already feel the urge to push, for example. Once you are at the maternity hospital, everything is almost done; all you have to do is to wait for Baby.


Giving birth is hardly a walk in the park. Make a list of the items you believe are necessary for your comfort and wellbeing. Your hospital will provide you with the bare necessities for self-care during and after delivery.

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