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Becoming a parent is a wonder… Since your child is here, life has changed so much! But we must also think about preserving our couple. Because before being parents, we are also a couple, the founding core of our family. What are the strong points of your couple? How do you maintain a good quality of communication on a daily basis? Is it normal for a couple to argue? Don’t worry, with fatigue, conflicts are often unavoidable: you will find our advice on how to avoid them… and how to calm them down. Another important area for a couple: sexuality. How to have a fulfilling sexuality? After having a baby, the couple’s relationship has to be reinvented. Avoid the love killers of the couple, keep the desire to seduce, try to spend time together as a couple… Find all our advice to succeed in your life as a couple.

  • While some women experience an unprecedented drop in libido after childbirth, others resume their sexual life very quickly after giving birth. What are the risks? Are there certain practices to be privileged?

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