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10 signs that you have a teenager

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10 signs that you have a teenager

A journalist tells us with humor and tenderness how we realize that our child is becoming a teenager. Discover 10 signs that don’t deceive.

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A teenager is not like a baby. Even if you’ve had ten years to prepare for it, you’re still surprised when that first acne pimple shows up. And everything else. What are the signs

1. You get weird text messages

With emoticons. And spelling mistakes. And soon you will also receive “mommy, what am I going to do? I forgot my phone!” emails.

2. You need to air the room during the day

There is no doubt that you need to air the room a second time during the day. Your child is sweating. So do his or her friends. And you’re that old, lazy parent who says, “Come on, open the door a little; it’s stuffy in here.

3. You’re making more and more blunders

Before your jokes made him/her giggle in his/her high chair, now he/she raises his/her eyes to the sky and gives you a nervous smile: Mom, stop being funny, it’s embarrassing!

4. You run emergency laundry machines

“Where are my dark blue jeans?”, “Where is my sweater thingy?”. Hell and damnation, they’re in the dirt, and the kid is on the verge of a meltdown. The worst part is that you obey his sartorial madness by reminding yourself how important it is at that age.

5. You start the meal alone

The most powerful, joyful, promising “come to the table !!!!” in the world cannot urge the child to come down to eat on time. So you start the grated carrots without the teenager.

6. Your child’s room is locked

“Do not enter,” “No Muggles allowed,” and other skull and crossbones make you not want to push the door open. If you try, the lock gets double-locked more and more often. But why did you put keys in too?

7. It says “greasy hair shampoo” on your shopping list

This is the child who saw it on TV. He also sometimes scribbled “organic deodorant” or “exfoliating cream.” Gone are the days of Mixa baby for the whole family!

8. Your sneakers/sweater/bag is gone

It’s impossible to get your hands on your latest purchases! Your child borrows everything. Especially when it’s new. And chic. And then, of course, you’re the best parent in the world.

9. There are songs you don’t know in your playlist

Neither the artist nor the title means anything to you. Sure, someone non-major who watches TV downloads music without telling you.

10. And science fiction books in the toilet

With black covers and scary embossed titles that are scary. And you usually don’t even understand the back cover. It almost makes you miss the adventures of Tchoupi. Almost.


It isn’t the worst thing in the world to have teenagers. It’s simply different. And each of these years has its own set of obstacles and pleasures. Teenagers will make you laugh, think, and challenge you to be the best version of yourself, regardless of whether you like it or not.

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