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Visits to the pediatrician, errands, work meetings, well-being… When you’re a mom, you have to know how to manage your time! How to find the right organization for everyday life with a baby? How to avoid maternal burn-out? Are you raising your baby alone? There are more and more single moms, and more than ever they need information and tips to make their daily lives easier. We will accompany you in your new responsibilities as a mother.

  • That’s it. Maternity leave is over; we’re going back to work and leaving the baby with a child minder or at the nursery.  It’s not easy to separate from your little treasure after months of being together! Discover our advice on how to cope with the first separations with the baby.

  • Anger is contagious. And when your child decides to throw a tantrum, it’s hard to resist the urge to yell louder than they can! Indeed, it’s not always easy to keep calm when our children decide to drive us crazy.

  • Do you feel constantly exhausted? No wonder you’re running around between your obligations as a mother and as a working woman. For the moment, you feel fine, but be careful; trying to manage everything to perfection can lead to a breakdown.

  • Entrusting your child to a nanny or in-laws, accepting that someone else will take care of him, being separated from your baby for even a few hours – for some mothers, this is a reason to feel anxious (a little), guilty (a lot) and cry (quite a bit). Here are a few tips on how to make this delicate but essential stage less dramatic.

  • Some women take on a parental role before they have tasted the joys of motherhood. They establish a relationship with a man who is a parent and face the everyday life of a “stepmother” when the children are with their father. What kind of relationship can you establish with your partner’s children when you have not had the experience of being a mother?

  • Pacifiers to buy, cake to make, appointments to make, notebooks to sign: this whirlwind of tasks to accomplish is spinning around in your head day and night and threatens to knock you down through anger, fatigue, and burn-out.

  • Are you a stay-at-home mom, taking care of your baby and the house all day long? A situation that can sometimes be burdensome if you are isolated. Discover our advice on how to reconcile your life as a mother with your life as a woman.

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