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Diet and pregnancy

When you are expecting a baby, you want to give him the best… A varied and balanced diet throughout the pregnancy is essential to cover the nutritional needs of the baby and the mother-to-be. Fruits, vegetables, proteins, dairy products, fish, meat… we take stock of all the nutrients not to be missed. And we take the important information: which foods are forbidden during a pregnancy? And those which are advised? Precise, concrete advice, simple to live with on a daily basis for nine months. In our articles, you will also find all the answers to the questions we ask ourselves when we are pregnant: what do I eat to avoid nausea? What do I eat to avoid bloating? Am I allowed a small glass of wine from time to time, or not? We also give you a lot of advices to celebrate New Year’s Eve while pregnant (and to enjoy yourself)! Because no, pregnancy does not rhyme with sadness, and you can enjoy the party and the good food of New Year’s Day with others, with the help of small simple and greedy tips. Other questions that a mother-to-be may ask herself: how can I reconcile my vegetarian diet with my pregnancy? How can I eat a balanced diet? What foods should my breakfast include? Are food supplements recommended during pregnancy? What is a balanced meal?

  • Pregnant: foods to avoid

    by AlexisH

    In order to have no worries during your pregnancy and for it to go as smoothly as possible, it is wise to avoid certain foods. Here are the precautions to take during these 9 months.

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