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Migraine: what it does and does not mean during pregnancy

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Migraine: what it does and does not mean during pregnancy

Unfortunately, being pregnant does not mean that you are immune to migraine attacks. What can migraine mean or not during pregnancy? Is it a sign of pregnancy? An indication of the sex of the baby? Should you consult a doctor? We’ll tell you everything.

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Migraine in early pregnancy: A sign of pregnancy?

Migraines in early pregnancy, during the first trimester, maybe hormonal in origin. However, this cause is not common, so migraine is not specifically a symptom of pregnancy.

Migraines, headaches, and other headaches in early and mid-pregnancy are usually related to the fatigue caused by pregnancy.

In pregnant women, sleep can be modified, disturbed, and even accompanied by insomnia at night and drowsiness during the day. The result: the pregnant woman sleeps less well, fatigue accumulates, and causes migraines and headaches.

It should also be noted that being a migraine sufferer in general increases the risk of suffering from migraines during pregnancy.

Migraine at the end of pregnancy: A sign of pregnancy hypertension?

Suppose it does not last long and is easily relieved by resting or taking paracetamol at the beginning or middle of pregnancy. In that case, migraine can be more problematic during the third trimester of pregnancy. Headaches, and migraines at the end of pregnancy can be warning signs of gravid hypertension. It can itself be a sign of pre-eclampsia, a severe complication due to a dysfunction of the placenta.

Therefore, it is essential to discuss these migraines at the end of pregnancy with your gynecologist-obstetrician or midwife so as not to miss a more severe pathology. Especially since an association between migraine during pregnancy and the risk of stroke has been shown.

Migraine and Pregnancy: Is it a sign that it’s a girl or a boy?

Unfortunately (or fortunately), no scientifically proven external physical sign or symptom can indicate whether you are expecting a girl or a boy. Just as a round or pointy belly says nothing about the sex of the baby, a migraine during pregnancy gives no information about the sex of the baby. And so much the better, for those who prefer to keep it a surprise!


Migraines during pregnancy might be inconvenient, but they are not usually a cause for concern.

Pregnancy results in many substantial changes to the body, some of which may manifest as Migraine symptoms. It is critical, however, to develop medicines that are safe for the fetus.

Headaches caused by an underlying problem might be harmful. Anyone who is unsure about their symptoms or is experiencing troublesome or severe symptoms should seek diagnosis and treatment from a physician.

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